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Vol 2 No 3 (2020)
Published October 19, 2020
Make the Superhero Great Again!

The image of a superhero has become one of the fundamental images in the modern mass culture of the 20th and 21st centuries. Coming down from the pages of American comics, they have made their way into the most diverse areas of modern culture: cinema, computer games, anime, cosplay, etc. They are no longer heroes only for young people, becoming a kind of cultural core around which a whole universe of images, ideas, meanings, concepts, etc. is built.

It is certain that a superhero is a kind of litmus test that indicates the directions of modern society development. But it is also a testing ground, where certain ideas are tested, because society votes with its attitude to each new image of a superhero, approaching it quite critically, accepting or rejecting it. Therefore, we can say that a superhero is a dynamic figure, developing and well indicating the state of public moods, aspirations and expectations.

Actualization of the superhero character in the 21st century is a marker of complex global problems that humankind has faced. The study of this phenomenon in modern culture provides an opportunity to consider these problems from a new angle.

Editors: Rastyam T. Aliev & Kwasu Tembo

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Rastyam T. Aliev, Kwasu Tembo
“Make the Superhero Great Again!”: Introduction to the Issue
Abstract views: 124 | PDF Downloads: 69

Representing Superhero

Konstantin A. Ocheretyany
Super-non-Hero: from Superpower to Ultra-Violence
Abstract views: 215 | PDF Downloads: 35
pdf (Русский)
Arina A. Kutovaia, Ekaterina V. Mikhailovskaya
The Myth of Batman: Intra- and Interdiscursive Transformations
Abstract views: 508 | PDF Downloads: 68
Taynah Ibanez Barbosa, Mateus Yuri Ribeiro da Silva Passos
Stepping out of Divinity: Tom King's “All-too-human” Batman
Abstract views: 105 | PDF Downloads: 68
Kwasu Tembo
Why Superman Will Not Save the World: Theorizing the Relationship Between Suffering and DC Comics Superman
Abstract views: 82 | PDF Downloads: 40

Literature and Superheroes

Asia A. Sarakaeva, Elina A. Sarakaeva
Hero and Fate in the Nibelungenlied
Abstract views: 71 | PDF Downloads: 40
Elena E. Zavyalova
Protosuperheroes in Russian Classics of the 19th century
Abstract views: 93 | PDF Downloads: 39
pdf (Русский)

Global & Local Superhero

Anja Lange
The Beginning of Ukrman – a Fighter against the Evil and the Coronavirus
Abstract views: 173 | PDF Downloads: 25
Samantha da Silva Diefenthaeler
Notes on Penthesilea: The marks of a past of female heroism
Abstract views: 79 | PDF Downloads: 41
Vinodh Venkatesh
Argentina in Crisis: Superheroes in Zenitram (2010) and Kryptonita (2015)
Abstract views: 85 | PDF Downloads: 34
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