Vol 4 No 2 (2022): Galactica Memory
Galactica Memory

Memory is often presented as taking us deep into time and mediating between the present and the past, but is it really retrospective? Authors of the issue answer this question. They notice various aspects of cultural and individual memory which betray its constant presence here and now, its participation in contemporary processes, current events, its immersion in the present. The title of the issue deliberately paraphrases the name of the journal, not only referring to MacLuhan's book and media studies but also suggesting a look at memory as an alternative “Galactica”.

Guest Editor: Sergey A. Troitskiy, Estonian Literary Museum. Tartu, Estonia.

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Alina R. Latypova, Alexander S. Lenkevich, Daria A. Kolesnikova, Konstantin A. Ocheretyany
Study of Visual Garbage as Visual Ecology Perspective

Humour in Dealing with Traumatic Experiences

Liat Steir-Livny; Maria V. Semykolennykh
Holocaust Parody in Israeli Popular Culture
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Liisi Laineste; Maria V. Semykolennykh
The Reflection of Traumatic Memories in Estonian Autobiographical Comics
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