“‘Kommissar Rex!’ The Place, Role, and Representation of Animals in Contemporary Media”


In this thematic issue, we explore the place and role of animals in media, their representation and influence in the context of new media, advertising, social networks, films, series, and other forms of media content. Animals hold a significant position in popular culture and have become an integral part of our interaction with the media environment. We invite authors to explore various aspects of the presence of animals in new media and examine the ethical and social questions associated with their use and representation.

List of issues for discussion

– Animals in social networks: popular trends and their influence on users;

– Evolution of animal depictions in films and series: from reality to digital embodiment;

– Animals in video games: roles, anthropomorphism, and their interaction with players;

– Environmental awareness through media: the role of animals in conveying ecological issues;

– Use of animals in advertising campaigns: ethical aspects and public perception;

– Famous animals in new media: iconic characters and their influence on popular culture;

– Animals in virtual and augmented realities: creating immersive experiences;

– Symbolic significance of animals in media: their role in expressing identity and values;

– Ethical and social aspects of using and representing animals in new media.

Submission of Manuscripts

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Submission Deadlines

Submission deadline for this special issue: 15 August 2024