The procedure for receiving articles

Dear colleagues, friends and authors!

Before offering us your manuscript, read these wishes of the editors of the journal.

1. All materials are accepted only through the form on the site. Link:

2. Read the authors' guide carefully. Link:

3. Please send the manuscript in two files (docx, doc, odt). In the first file you should have the author's information - full name, place of work, address of work and e-mail.

4. In the second file you must have the manuscript directly WITHOUT the author's information.
This is necessary to comply with the double-blind review rule (you do not know the reviewer, and the reviewer should not know you)

5. Abstract should contain from 150 to 250 words. Keywords - 10 terms

6. References are made in the style of APA. Any other style of reference's design is not accepted.

7. In the text, references are given in parentheses with the name, year of publication and quotation pages. For example: (Johnes, 1997, p. 6).

8. All materials that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted for consideration. We exclude them at the stage of sending to the editor.

Yes, we are a young journal, we do not yet enter the leading international databases. But without compliance with these requirements, we will never enter there.

P.S. We are waiting for your materials in the second, third and fourth issues of 2019.

Sincerely, Rastyam Aliev