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Dydrov, A., & Rezvushkina, S. (2023). Peter I Digital. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 5(2), 177-187.


The subject of the review is the monograph “Peter I in Media Memory” by Denis S. Artamonov and Sophia V. Tikhonova. Like their previous study on historical memory, the scientists rely on a variety of empirical material, including microformatted Internet content, cinema, animation, and video games. One of the central concepts of the book, mediatization, is explored through its application to the legendary historical figure of Peter the First. The analysis focuses on the well-known events and processes of Peter the First era that exist in historical memory and have entered the digital environment, as well as iconic mythologems.

“Media memory” is not presented as an alternative source of knowledge about the past that exists alongside traditional forms of recording and broadcasting history. Instead, the authors argue that it functions as a resource for the formation of collective identities and the transformation of historical knowledge. The book delves into the mechanisms of contemporary discourses, providing insights into concepts such as the politics of memory, memorial war, media oblivion, and more. Despite its high theoretical level, the study is intended for a broad audience interested in digital culture.
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