British Political Rhetoric in the Perspective of Cultural Specificity
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Discourse Public Speaking British Political Discourse Cultural Specificity Discursive Features Rhetoric British Monarchy Political Communication Culturally Specific Types of Speeches Anglo-Saxon Rhetorical Tradition

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Aleshina, E., & Golova, D. (2023). British Political Rhetoric in the Perspective of Cultural Specificity. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 5(4), 160-180.


Existing research in the field of political communication and rhetoric often focuses on general principles and strategies of the speech, leaving aside cultural-specific considerations. This study is aimed at analyzing the discursive characteristics of British public political rhetoric, which will fill this gap and expand knowledge about the relationship between language, culture, and politics. The work aims to identify the discursive features of the British public political speech from the perspective of its cultural specificity. The results of the study show that, despite the universal nature of the public political rhetoric, British public political speeches differ in certain specifics. The speeches of British politicians are marked by features characteristic of each type in the structure of the text, the use of vivid rhetorical techniques, strict adherence to the protocol, emphasis on the sense of national pride, as well as some unique attributes. This study provides a deeper understanding of the role of language and cultural factors in political communication, and it is also able to expand the theoretical foundations in the field of linguistics and political science.

The article is intended for researchers and specialists in the field of linguistics, rhetoric, and political communication. It can also serve as a useful resource for students, postgraduates, and teachers interested in a detailed analysis of the discursive characteristics of British political rhetoric.
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