Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

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Vol 4 No 4 (2022)
Published December 12, 2022
Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

The fourth issue of 2022

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Subaltern Studies and Media

Míša Stekl
The Global Village and Its Others: 'Squid Game' and Subaltern Mediality
Abstract views: 305 | Galleys Downloads: 768 Galleys Downloads: 63
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New Media and Human Communication

Nairui Xu, Lixiong Chen, Zizheng Yu, Xiaoni Zhu
An Epistemic Trend or a Digital Pitfall? De‑Westernizing Media and Communication Studies in Digital China
Abstract views: 218 | Galleys Downloads: 799 Galleys Downloads: 48
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Rastyam T. Aliev, Olesya S. Yakushenkova
A Comparative Analysis of the Transformation of the Other’s Image: 2018-2022
Abstract views: 233 | Galleys Downloads: 607 Galleys Downloads: 70
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Еlena V. Morozova, Anastasiya K. Lomaeva
Civic Participation Platform: Implementation Practices in the Russian Greater Caspian Sea Region
Abstract views: 177 | Galleys Downloads: 1151 Galleys Downloads: 27
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Darya V. Meretina, Irina V. Kucheruk
Representation of Urban Myth-Making in Social Media
Abstract views: 167 | Galleys Downloads: 970 Galleys Downloads: 35
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Cinema Studies

Menderes Akdağ, Serhat Yetimova, Hatice Yaren Eser
Children’s Victimization in Turkish Cinema between the 1970s and the 1980s: A Political Economy Perspective
Abstract views: 142 | Galleys Downloads: 52 Galleys Downloads: 30
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Yaroslav A. Levin
Image of Ally: Great Britain in American Cinema, 1942
Abstract views: 114 | Galleys Downloads: 797 Galleys Downloads: 22
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Game Studies

Vladislav V. Kirichenko
Speedrunner as a Virtual Naturalist
Abstract views: 145 | Galleys Downloads: 862 Galleys Downloads: 45
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Humor in the “Old” Media

Sergei O. Buranok
Palestine and the British Empire in US Political Cartoons, 1917-1919
Abstract views: 101 | Galleys Downloads: 729 Galleys Downloads: 23
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Media Literacy Skills

Sergey V. Teterskiy, Aman I. Izmailov, Elena R. Dakhina, Svetlana V. Ilyasova
Digitalization of Creative Spaces of the Caspian Region Youth
Abstract views: 103 | Galleys Downloads: 524 Galleys Downloads: 19
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Elena G. Timofeeva, Anastasiya A. Dorofeeva
Digital Transformation of the Russian Historical Education: Regional Aspect
Abstract views: 121 | Galleys Downloads: 529 Galleys Downloads: 27
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Critics & Reviews

Dmitry V. Solomko
Review of the Dictionary “Ecology of Human Existence. Part II. Media Ecology”
Abstract views: 106 | Galleys Downloads: 416 Galleys Downloads: 25
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