Digital Transformation of the Russian Historical Education

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Digital Transformation of Education
“Digital Economy”
Digital Tools
Digital Learning Tools
Machine Learning
Visualization Using Neural Network

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Timofeeva, E., & Dorofeeva, A. (2022). Digital Transformation of the Russian Historical Education. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 4(4), 284-294.


The modern Russian education system is on the path of digital modernization, which is accompanied by a paradigm shift in the choice of models of educational institutions, approaches to the management of the educational process, modification of learning conditions, innovations within the methodological arsenal of teachers, modern digital technologies are being introduced. Digital transformation or digitalization of education, along with computerization, individualization, etc., is one of the key trends in the development of the education sector. Undoubtedly, for the successful digital transformation of the educational system Russia needs to solve many tasks, both global (logistics, upgrading professional competencies, stimulating the development of educational IT technologies, etc.) and local. Among the local, but no less significant, tasks is the search for digital learning tools that can improve the effectiveness of the educational environment. It is necessary to answer the question: how is it possible to train qualified specialists basing on digital educational tools? In this article, the authors consider the use of machine learning technology in successful educational practices, as well as highlight “digital products” tested by teachers of the Department of History of Astrakhan State University. Digital transformation of education is considered by the authors of the article in relation to the economic development of the country, The Caspian region and the Astrakhan region, which characterizes the features of the “state order” in the educational sphere.


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