Beyond the Horizon of Media Ontologies
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media philosophy
philosophy of technology
unstable ontologies
media materiality

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Stolet, Y., & Holmowaia, A. (2020). Beyond the Horizon of Media Ontologies. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 2(1), 16-23.


The article in brief presents all the main concepts and problems the authors of the issue are engaged in, also the article contains brief descriptions of the articles. New anthropological, sociological, philosophical, political projects suggested by posthumanist researchers and united by a critique of «Human» necessarily include a critique of the anthropomorphic perception of technology and media as a «natural» environment serving humanity. All articles examine new forms of such a new agency, which irrevocably change the subject and constantly crossing the dualistic boundaries as human/non-human, artificial/natural, cultural/natural.
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