Vol 3 No 3 (2021): “Any Media… is hilarious”
“Any Media… is hilarious”

It is difficult to imagine a society where humor is completely absent. From ancient times to the present day, this phenomenon performs the most important functions: from psychological détente to reflection of the socio-cultural and political atmosphere in which this or that community resides. Since the XVIII century, it has also become an instrument of mass communication and political struggle, and becomes an integral part of the mass media.

We used in the title of this special issue for a reason the paraphrase of Will Rogers' saying in Marshall McLuhan's book "Media Understanding" (the original sounds like this: "Any newspaper read aloud from a theater stage is hilarious"), because the well-known thesis of the Toronto School of Communication Theory about the mutual influence of communication and the media, which transmits it, can be reactivated in the direction of the mutual influence of humor as a way to interpret information, on the one hand, and specific media as a way to convey this information, on the other. But in this context a number of important issues for modern communications researchers arise: what happens to media once it is "infected" by humor? Does humor necessarily satisfy the need for entertainment, as claimed by Neil Postman? Can humor have a "serious face"? Parody, caricature, irony, satire -- is there something constructive in them for communication? Does "Humor is always a monopoly of the semi-literate" (McLuhan)?

Issue Editor: Sergey A. Troitskiy, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia / Saint Petersburg State University. Saint Petersburg, Russia. Email: sergtroy[at]yandex.ru

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Sergey A. Troitskiy, Rastyam T. Aliev
“Any Media… is hilarious”: Introduction to the Issue
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General Humor Theory

Arkadiusz Bednarczuk; Sergey A. Troitskiy
The Genealogy of Ancient Comedy in the Representation of Olga Mikhailovna Freidenberg (Russian Translation)
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Tatiana A. Balakireva, Mariia N. Mogilevich
On the Educational Potential of Humor, Science Fiction, and Game
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Humor in the “Old” Media

Viktor L. Levchenko, Nina I. Kovalova
The Boundaries of Funniness and the Dilution of Audience Identity in the Musical-Dramatic Art
Abstract views: 301 | PDF Downloads: 2098
Beata Waligorska-Olejniczak
Andrei Zvyagintsev’s Remediation of Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin’s Traditions. The Case of “Leviathan” and “The Golovlyov Family”
Abstract views: 520 | PDF Downloads: 1710
Victoria Baltag
Humour in Film as a Method of Expression
Abstract views: 358 | PDF Downloads: 1543
Jack Black
Slipping on Banana Skins and Falling Through Bars: “True” Comedy and the Comic Character
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From Сaricature to Internet Meme

Elena S. Sonina
The Literary Canon in the Russian Magazine and Newspaper Cartoons of the late 19th - early 20th centuries
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Aleksandra G. Zhuravleva
The Caricatures of Pavel. E. Shcherbov in the Satirical Magazine “The Jester”
Abstract views: 256 | PDF Downloads: 255
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Anna I. Rezvukhina
“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”: the Representation of the Far East Countries in the Russian Caricatures of 1890-1905
Abstract views: 294 | PDF Downloads: 203
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Lidia S. Zhirnova
Russia and Other Significant Others in Latvian Caricatures
Abstract views: 372 | PDF Downloads: 2036
Denis S. Artamonov
Humor in Historical Memory: from an Anecdote and Caricature to an Internet Meme
Abstract views: 545 | PDF Downloads: 2599
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Funny COVID-19

Anna Luise Kiss
Humorous Audio-Visual Lockdown Works
Abstract views: 343 | PDF Downloads: 2393
Elena E. Zavyalova
Russian Anecdotes on the "Corona" Theme: Problematics and Poetics
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New Issues of New Media

Catherine Evans Davies; Maria V. Semikolennykh
The Interpretive Challenges of American Presidential Discourse Described as Joking (Russian Translation)
Abstract views: 239 | PDF Downloads: 2088
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David Layton
Being Human: Androids, Humans, and Identity in “Red Dwarf”
Abstract views: 285 | PDF Downloads: 2464
Bethany Rose Lamont
Amusing Abusers and Humourless Survivors: Analysing the Role of Comedy in Media Representations of Sexual Violence
Abstract views: 396 | PDF Downloads: 2231
Irina P. Busurkina
Ethics and Values in the Digital Environment: by the Example of Parody Videos on TikTok
Abstract views: 940 | PDF Downloads: 2845
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