Vol 3 No 4 (2021)
Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

The fourth issue of 2021

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General Theory

Ekaterina Y. Aleshina, Mark Y. Blokh, Tatiana A. Razuvaeva, Hedwig Wagner, Anton V. Kompleev
Global Conflict of the Past in Contemporary Media Space: Historical Memory in a Discursive Perspective
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Maksym W. Kyrchanoff
Looking for a Bookstore in Town: Intellectual Readers and the Death of “Gutenberg Galaxy”
Abstract views: 205 | PDF Downloads: 82
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Game Studies

Vladislav V. Kirichenko
Fabula Nova Obscura Est: Possible Worlds in “Final Fantasy XIII-2”
Abstract views: 184 | PDF Downloads: 99
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Mass Culture

Zhou Lixia
The Place of Chinese Doramas in the Russian Socio-Cultural Landscape
Abstract views: 162 | PDF Downloads: 72
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New Media and Human Communication

Antonina V. Selezneva, Alexandra F. Yakovleva, Eduard S. Ibragimov
Civic Consciousness of the Russian Youth and the Mediaspace: “Unsolvable Puzzle”
Abstract views: 153 | PDF Downloads: 107
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Içten Duygu Ozbek, Huriye Toker
The Representation of the “Other” in the Turkish TV Advertisements
Abstract views: 155 | PDF Downloads: 105
Rastyam T. Aliev, Olesya S. Yakushenkova
The Image of the Other in the (post-)Covid Period: Analysis of Russian-language Internet Queries
Abstract views: 133 | PDF Downloads: 91
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Isyaku Hassan, Rabiu Muazu Musa, Mohd Nazri Latiff Azmi, Mohamad Razali Abdullah, Ahmad Taufik Hidayah Abdullah
Media Coverage of Injury Prevalence in Tennis: a Content Analysis of Selected Online Newspapers
Abstract views: 130 | PDF Downloads: 180

Critics & Reviews

Nikolai B. Afanasov
“Start” Button Pressed. Game Studies Resumed
Abstract views: 117 | PDF Downloads: 79
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Artur A. Dydrov
Review of the Book “Historical Memory in Social Media” by Sophia Tikhonova, Denis Artamonov
Abstract views: 126 | PDF Downloads: 79
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